Mechanical Engineering MCQs Set 4

Mechanical Engineering MCQs for Job Test and Interview Preparation, Graduates, Students, Competition Exams, and more. Machine Design, Machine Theory, Hydraulic Machines, and other topics are covered in this set of multiple-choice problems.

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Mechanical Engineering MCQS Set 4

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Maximum work is done in compressing air when the compression is_________________?

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Free air is the air at________________?

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Adiabatic compression is one in which___________________?

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The compressor capacity with decrease in suction temperature_________________?

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Inter cooling in compressors__________________?

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Isothermal compression efficiency, even when running at high speed, can be approached by using A. multi-stage compression B. cold water spray C. both A. and B. above D. fully insulating the cylinder E. high stroke_________________?

Isothermal compression efficiency, even when running at high speed, can be approached by using

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1 m of air at atmospheric condition weighs approximately__________________?

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An ideal air compressor cycle without clearance on p-v diagram can be represented by following processes________________?

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The capacity of a compressor is 5 m /mih. 5 m /min refers to_______________?

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What will be the volume of air at 327°C if its volume at 27°C is 1.5 m3/mt ?

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The fluid forces considered in the Navier Stokes equation are__________________?

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Isothermal compression effeicency can be attained by running the compressor__________________?

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Standard air is the air at_____________________?

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Isothermal compression though most efficient, but is not -practicable because_________________?

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The pressure and temperature conditions of air at the suction of compressor are_________________?

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The overall isothermal eiffciency of compressor is defined as the ratio of_______________?

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For pipes, laminar flow occurs when Roynolds number is__________________?

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The- most efficient method of compressing air is to compress it_________________?

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In a forced vortex, the velocity of flow everywhere within the fluid is__________________?

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All the terms of energy in Bernoulli’s equation have dimension of_______________?

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