Islamiyat MCQs Set 4 with Answers

Islamic Studies are the study of Islam. The past of Islam, basic Islamic understandings, the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions (R.A), the Quran and Sunnah, and the Islamic world and traditions are all discussed in the Mcqs. Islamiat is the most important branch of Islamic studies.

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Islamiyat MCQs set 4

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Second migration to Habshah took place in__________ ?

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Prophet recited ____________ at the conquest of Makkah.

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Lady named ___________ tried to poison the Holy Prophet ?

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Hazrat ____________ conquered the fort of Qamus.

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Mosque of ________ was demolished by prophet?

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Baitul Mamoor is on___________ Heaven?

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What was the relation between Prophet Moosa (A.S) and Prophet Haroon (A.S)?

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In the Battle of Uhud, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) selected __________ skillful archers to stay on a mountain (side)?

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sent his messengers to the kings beyond Arabia calling them to Islam. In order to authenticate the credentials of his messengers, a __________ seal was made.

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The first Ummayed Caliph was _________ ?

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In Hajj, traveling seven times between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah, is called __________ ?

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In Hajj, stoning the Devil, is called __________ ?

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Masjid Qiblatain is in _________ ?

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The “Battle of Yermuk” was fought between Muslims and _________ ?

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In surah kahf, which animal is mentioned along with the Ashaab e kahf ?

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Which famous Ghazwah is mentioned in surah Al-Imran ?

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Which surah contains the orders about Wuzu, Ghusal and Tayammum ?

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Which surah starts without “Bismillah” ?

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Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice ?

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The name “Muhammad” has been mentioned _________ times in the Holy Quran.

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