Islamiyat MCQs Set 5 with Answers

Islamic Studies are the study of Islam. The past of Islam, basic Islamic understandings, the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions (R.A), the Quran and Sunnah, and the Islamic world and traditions are all discussed in the Mcqs. Islamiat is the most important branch of Islamic studies.

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Islamiyat MCQs set 5

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Allah says, “Wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are mothers of believers” in Surah _________ .

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Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” is stated in Surah _________ .

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Banu Quraiza, Banu Nadir and Banu Qainuqa were three tribes of the_________?

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The first migration of the Companions and relatives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was to __________ ?

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In Hajj, touching the Black Stone, is called__________ ?

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The book of Hadith, Al-Muwatta, was compiled by __________ ?

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Eid Prayer is __________ ?

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Siha e Sitta are __________ books of Hadith ?

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Which country is called the “Land of Prophets”?

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Hazrat Ali (R.A) was martyred in __________ Hijrah?

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The Angel who delivered messages to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from Allah was?

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Al-Hudaibiyah Treaty was scribed by __________.

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived in Madina for __________ years.

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What was the relation between Prophet Ismail (A.S) and Prophet Ishaq (A.S)?

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Name the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was daughter of Umar Farooq (R.A)?

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Cave Hira is in the _________ mountain.

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Name the Angel who was appointed to deliver messages to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from Allah?

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_________ takes out souls of life bearing creatures.

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Namaz-e-Khasoof is offered at the time of __________ ?

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Khateeb-ul-Ambia was the title of __________.

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