Statistics MCQs Set 2with Answers

MCQs in Statistics for the Preparation of FPSC, PSC, and NTS Tests Basic statistics multiple choice questions, data, sample, population, a measure of dispersion, the measure of central tendency, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and more may be found here.

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Statistics set 2

PPSC/FPSC/ NTS   Statistics Exam_Practice / Warm-Up Solved MCQs

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Which of these is a relative measure of dispersion_____________?

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The measure of dispersion is changed by a change of_____________?

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Which of the following is not based on all the observations ?

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The mean deviation of the values, 18, 12, 15 is____________?

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The sum of squared deviations of a set of n values from their mean is__________________?

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In statistics, a sample means______________?

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The algebraic sum of deviations from mean is_____________?

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The height of a student is 60 inches. This is an example of________________?

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Variance remains unchanged by change of________________?

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Lowest value of variance can be________________?

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Which one is the not measure of dispersion?

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A measure of dispersion is always ________________?

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You asked five of your classmates about their height. On the basis of this information, you stated that the average height of all students in your university or college is 67 inches. This is an example of ?

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Mean Deviation, Variance and Standard Deviation of the values 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 is_________________?

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Which one of the following measurement does not divide a set of observations into equal parts ?

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