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Political Science

PPSC/FPSC/ NTS Political Science Exam_Practice / Warm-Up Solved MCQs

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Select the date when the Soviet Union was diffuse in:

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Select the number of volumes of this book “The spirit of Law” which is divisible into six parts

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Select the author of “An essay concerning Human Understanding”

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The father had organized lawful for his son but the son had no tendency towards that. Who was the son?

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Select the author of “Wealth of Nations”

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Select the original name of Aristotle;

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According to Aristotle which is the bad government of the well off;

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Inherent classified as hard and pliable in a book name “Studies in History and Jurisprudence” was the author of :

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Select the first president of the Fifth self-government was:

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Who is said “Political Science begins and ends with the state”

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