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PPSC/FPSC/NTS jobs are advertised throughout the year or after one or more years, depending on the needs of lecturers in the Higher Education Department. PPSC/FPSC Exams necessitate a great degree of focus and selection of good texts, as well as a great deal of difficulty and dedication in order to appear in and pass the PPSC/FPSC Exam.

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Computer Science

PPSC/FPSC/ NTS   Computer-Science Exam_Practice / Warm-Up Solved MCQs

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 How many ways you can save a document ?

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Shortcut key to split a table is ---------- ?

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 Collection of characters numbers and symbols is ?

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 Which of the following can you change using the page setup dialog box ?

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 What is the smallest width of a column in MS Word ?

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 “Ctrl + Right Arrow” Shortcut key is used in Ms Word to------- ?

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 ---------- is system software to facilitate editing of text and data ?

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 Before moving a subdocument to another location within a master document you must switch to------- ?

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 Which file is responsible to start MS word ?

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A fixed territory in which authority can be exercised is ?

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