Statistics MCQs Set 5 with Answers

MCQs in Statistics for the Preparation of FPSC, PSC, and NTS Tests Basic statistics multiple choice questions, data, sample, population, a measure of dispersion, the measure of central tendency, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and more may be found here.

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PPSC/FPSC/ NTS   Statistics Exam_Practice / Warm-Up Solved MCQs

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_________ used the word statistics for the first time during one of his lectures at a German university?

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Dependence of difference on statistics is for_______________?

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Statistical Laws are valid in the ________________?

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Usually measurements give rise to ________ data?

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A Constant can assume _______ value?

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A characteristics that does not change is called______________?

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Age of a shopkeeper is the example of___________?

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Data being used by an agency which is originally collected by them are _______ data?

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Statistics laws are true for______________?

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Most of the recent developments in statistics arose to meet the needs of ____________?

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The word statistics is at present used in _______________?

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Continuous variable can assume __________ value?

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________ statistics deals with collection, presentation and analysis of data?

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___________ data are collected for the first time.

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Statistics Laws are true________________?

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