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PPSC/FPSC/ NTS   History Exam_Practice / Warm-Up Solved MCQs

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In United States, the Congress declared independence from Great Britain on

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In the war of 1812 between 13 States of US and Great Britain; Britain set fire to White House in

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Adolf Hitler was a __________ military and political leader.

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United States was discovered by Christopher Columbus during his voyage in

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World War I was lasted from?

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Which of the following metals was unknown to Harappan civilization

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a __________ military and political leader

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Napoleon Bonaparte was finally defeated at the _______ in June 1815.

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World War II in Europe was outbreak by the German invasion of

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North Atlantic Treaty of NATO was signed on _____ in Washington D.C.

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 I was amazed -------- his misbehavior ?

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He is fully contented ----- his life ?

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I was astonished ----- his failure ?

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Select the number of volumes of this book “The spirit of Law” which is divisible into six parts

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The father had organized lawful for his son but the son had no tendency towards that. Who was the son?

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