MS Word MCQs Set 2 with Answers

For the preparation of quizzes, exams, and certifications, use MS Word MCQ questions. As a response, you’ll come upon topics about MS Office, the Toolbar, shortcuts, policies, fonts, Page layout, View, and a lot more. This strategy of learning and practicing will assure that everyone can pass their examination.

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MS-Word MCQs set 2

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Which short cut key is used to insert trademark (TM) symbol?

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Which short cut key is used to insert copyright © symbol?

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What is the shortcut key of Mark Citation in MS Word?

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In MS Word 2010, to use the Spelling and Grammar option, one has to click on the _____ tab and within the _____ group click on ‘Spelling & Grammar’?

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When MS word was launched _________?

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What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character in Ms Word?

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_________ allows to enter new data at the current position of the cursor?

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Which is the Shortcut key to Apply the Normal style?

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Which Shortcut key is used for Bold Command ?

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Shortcut key 1.5 line spacing ?

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This display the positioning of text, tabs, margin, indents, and other elements on the page:

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A number of letter that appears little above the normal text is called?

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Name the Desktop database application that is part of MS Office suit.

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