MS Excel MCQs Set 1 with Answers

Questions for MS Excel MCQs to help you prepare for tests, examinations, and qualifications. As a response, you’ll encounter questions about the Workbook, Menu bar, Toolbar, Column headings, Row headings, a Name box, Formula bar, and a lot more. Anyone can easily pass their exam if they follow this systematic learning strategy.

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MS Excel MCQs set 1

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In MS Excel to delete duplicate values which menu is used?

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Comment put on Excel cell which is displayed by taking the Mouse Pointer there, is called__________?

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With which of the following all formulas in excel starts ?

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Which one is example of spreadsheet software?

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Which key is used for help in Ms Excel?

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Which of these keys are used in Ms Excel to copy value from above cell?

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Which of these keys are used in Ms Excel to copy formula from above cell?

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Move to next cell in row in Ms Excel:

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Move to Next Sheet in Ms Excel:

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Microsoft Office Suite spreadsheet program is _________?

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Microsoft Office Accounting is:

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Microsoft Office InterConnect is:

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