MS Word MCQs Set 1 with Answers

For the preparation of quizzes, exams, and certifications, use MS Word MCQ questions. As a response, you’ll come upon topics about MS Office, the Toolbar, shortcuts, policies, fonts, Page layout, View, and a lot more. This strategy of learning and practicing will assure that everyone can pass their examination.

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MS-Word MCQs set 1

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Which feature starts a new line whenever a word or sentence reached a border

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All caps to selected text in MS Word is applied with?

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Which option use to open recent file?

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In MS World 2007, ______ is used to move directly to specific location in a document.

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In Microsoft Word, ____________ can be used to decide on the spacing between lines of a paragraph.

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In Ms word, a master document contains _______ of subdocument ?

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Which feature is used to make selected sentence to All Captital Letters or All Small Letters ?

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What was the HTML editor that was part of Microsoft Office until 2003?

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A feature of MS Office that saves the document automatically after certain interval is called ____?

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Starting with Microsoft Office 2003, Photo Editor was renamed to :

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To go to a specific location in a document we use :

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Which one is the spreadsheet application that comes with MS Office software group?

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