Marketing Mcqs Set 7 with Answers

For preparation, use marketing MCQs. Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Management, Product & Product Mix, New Product Development, Price, Place (Distribution), Promotion (Communication), Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Mix are among the topics covered in these MCQs. These Marketing questions are very significant for all types of tests conducted by Pakistani testing organizations such as Fpsc, Nts, Kppsc, Ppsc, Spsc, Bpsc, Ots, Uts, Pts, Cts, Ats, etea, and others.

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Marketing MCQS Set 7

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The emergency, goods and impulse goods are the types of __________?

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The kind of convenience goods that are purchased by consumers for an urgent need are classified as __________?

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The set of all goods or services that are offered for sale by a specific buyer is classified as ________?

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The repair items and operating supplies are classified as the types of

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The major categories of raw materials are included in ___________?

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The example of products include ________?

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The ease of fixing the flaw or malfunction of the product is classified as _________?

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The kind of convenience goods that are purchased by consumers on regular basis are classified as __________?

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The total features of the product functions, looks and features is classified as ___________?

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The type of goods that are tangible in nature and are normally survived for several uses are classified as ________?

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